Zivert with Life takes you to another dimension03:31

Published on 12/07/2019
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Sometimes in life, you get to know songs that you just put on repeat for many hours or even days. I have warned you! This song by Zivert is pure addiction for your mind. Zivert Life is a trance song with dance elements. I would say its a type of modern Eurodance. I had a hard time putting it here on Muuuzic but after listening to it a lot… I found out that Life does exactly the same thing as many Eurodance songs do.

Zivert Life gives meaning to Life!

If there is a meaning in life.. then this song is part of it. I’ve noticed that even hard rock people love this song very much. Also, another note is how big this is in Russian speaking areas of the world. The YouTube videos are commented on by hoards from that area of the world. I guess it because the song is in Russian.

If you got hard times in life. If you need support without stressing your heart too much. Then this song can heal you a lot. It’s a healing dance trance wonder song. Breath and get on with whatever you do. You’re worth it for this world no matter gender or what you believe in. You are important and Life song by Zivert makes sure that you know.

The Russian Language is Sooo Beautiful

Have a blast.. have a dimension journey.. because this song will stick to your mind. It is a tune that makes you start to love the Russian language really much. When women talk or sing in Russian it is so much different. It is like any woman in Russia should have had a much stronger voice. They deserve to be heard more. Because the Russian language is so beautiful …

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Just listen to this song and you hear Why! Your ears deserve this. This is Eurodance that has been merged together with trance and house. It is a modern type of Eurodance as the singing part can be related. But the tune itself is trance alike. But because of the more often beat changes, it keeps that Eurodance spirit flowing.

Zivert is uniting the Russian language with the world. This is a masterpiece! We Love it!

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