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Published on 12/12/2018
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In 1990 the house and dance music genres melted more and more. From then on Eurodance became its own genre that millions of fans still love today. Especially in Germany and in the eastern parts of Europe. Eurodance is still humongous big.

Xeya brought happy Eurodance House with Deputy Of Love

This sort of music isn’t made anymore. But Muuuzic preserves it for you so you know how fantastic music sounds like. Xeya started back in 1987 with the single Say The Word (label BU), produced by Rosa & Politi. At that time she launched her own music. The same year, the single Erotic Play was recorded (directed by the same producers’ duet, published under the label Di-GeiI Musica).

Then this song titled Deputy Of Love came out which is mixed by Maurizio Rossi, produced by NTM, recorded and mixed at NTM Studio at Vimodrome in Milano, Italy. It was all released in 1990 under the X-Energy label. Deputy Of Love was a huge club hit in Europe and North America.

This kind of Eurodance House songs isn’t anymore produced and that is very sad. It somehow says to my mind that this genre belonged to a time when people were more open and happier. The erotic vibes in Deputy Of Love and the awesome synths make this tune to something unique and special. Europe clubs took totally off when this song came, but now this song is almost forgotten.

Xeya became a Club-hits queen

In 1994, Take Me was produced by DPR. Kiss Me was released under Domino Records in 1995. Clara Moroni did backing vocals on this single. Xeya was also featured by the project DPR for the single Call Me. In Canada, Xeya was invited to join Bananarama, Whigfield and other international well-known artists for the Energy Rush Tour

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In 1997 Xeya’s voice was used in some ambient-house singles and she became the leading vocalist of several musical projects, such as the single Fire Byrd, which became club-hits in many countries.

We really miss Eurodance club hits like this and we hope you love it too!

Source: Eurokdj.com

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