Waldo’s People with Lose Control is What we call a Eurodance Maxx track03:08

Published on 08/12/2017
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Eurodance is a music genre that is starting to get more audience again now in 2017. However, to reach the popularity that it got back in the 1990s is an hard achievement. Waldo from Finland was one of the better eurodance groups that delivered quality. However! This song is from 2008 and was in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 in Finland, but didn’t manage to win.

Fantastic song! It’s so full of passion, energy and lovely singing. This is a recipe of a perfect Eurodance song. Energic tones that makes you want to live your life to full potential. This song is uplifting and moves your heart into right direction.

Lose Control is what we humans tends to do, but with this song you get controlled by its tones. Its a majestic song delivering You what you are looking for. Finland rocks having this Eurodance group delivering all the time. Amazing!

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Waldo's People making Eurodance shine Fully
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