USURA with Tear It Up brings awesome Beats to You

Published on 12/12/2018
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Here we bring yet another USURA song that should be known by anyone loving Eurodance. Here we reveal one of those dance groups providing moments for you from our internet music database way back in time.

Usura with Tear It Up is a just a fantastic Eurodance dance dance-party house song. What an uplifting Eurodance experience.

Completely difference Eurodance party house tune from Usura

It’s hard to remember how completely alien and difference house/techno sounded in the early ’90s. It was unlike anything we had ever heard before for sure. Now in 2017 when I am writing this, it sounds even better because it’s now old and at the same time nostalgia helps you remember the times.

A fantastic tune that is such an uplifting experience. The world needs more music tunes like this and especially MTV should come back and become a pure music television channel for everyone. When the channel divided itself up into many different tv channels, it killed the love for music in the world sort of. Well, Apple with its iPod launch did something. But MTV Europe etc, they connected everyone in this part of the world. Now, all of the European countries have their own local MTV which doesn’t play any music videos anymore. It’s just a bunch of reality tv shows that is sooo boring!

Give us the 90s music feeling back! Usura does that on Muuuzic Internet Music Database
Someone saying this regarding this house song from Usura, “The mind makes us aware of our environment on an entirely new level of perception. Life has evolved our species so we can understand the truth surrounding our existence.”

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Others have dug really deep and found out that this song got samples from the Total Recall movie from 1990. 20 years is a long time ago since this track was released, but when listening to it it’s almost as if it was released yesterday.

Usura with Open Your Mind and Tear It Up will always be a killer song for the world to know about and the music video is just brilliant too!

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