Urban Cookie Collective with a High On A Happy Vibe is Awesomeness03:37

Published on 29/11/2017
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From 1994, this eurodance group named Urban Cookie Collective made a huge breakthrough with this song which is titled High On A Happy Vibe. Urban Cookie Collective also had this very interesting name for the group also. It made them special,… but not only that! Their singer did a very good job too.

Rest In Peace Diane Charlemagne from Urban Cookie Collective

One of the better singers is always leaving our world too fast. Diane made the world a difference with her beautifully voice. She made Manchester in United Kingdom a great place to be from for sure. Her voice will always be remembered and so Muuuzic have a mission to give you hers voice so that the world doesn’t forget.

Urban Cookie Collectivedelivered eurodance with house elements that is quite unique. This is quality eurodance at its best.

Enjoy the song!

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Urban Cookie Collective with a High On A Happy Vibe
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