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Published on 27/11/2017
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“Born Slippy” is a single by British electronic group Underworld. We have digged it out from our Muuuzic Internet Music Database. It is for sure one of the best techno dance party tracks that will never get old.

Techno party track from Muuuzic Internet Music Database that deserves attention

It was originally released in January 1995 as a single. It is a fantastic song! Love the beats of it. The beginning and the end of the tune is very uplifting too. This is techno as it should be from 1995! Perfect beats and electronical overdose is for sure a key to success for this tune.

Electronic Music was much more respected back in the middle of 1990s. We hope that we at Muuuzic site can change peoples minds about that. Techno genre as heard in Born Slippy is so intense yet its uplifting too. There is also these eurodance dance parts in the beginning and at the end of the song that puts this techno song in a special dance techno genre.

Eurdance Techno Dance track Providing Electric pulses

This isn’t Eurodance totally, but the start and the end of the song does have dance parts. So, thats why this song is in the WOW category of Muuuzic Eurodance Mania site. If you think that this song shouldn’t be here. Write to us.

Muuuzic Eurodance Internet Music Database is full of dance tracks. But we also provide different types of songs from time to time that mixes or reminds the listeners about eurodance and its uplifting musical mission to give.

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This track needs good speakers! It needs an awesome HiFi system! It needs a Friday or Saturday! It needs you to fall in love with it… and thats what the beginning and end of the song does. So, even though it is a techno song. It got emotions too which is perfect.


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