Ugress with Manhattan Sapphire is a Mystical Dance Music Xperience03:21

Published on 29/03/2017
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Here is a Norwegian group called Ugress. They were known, but for some reason their music is forgotten as none of the radio stations care to play them anymore!? However, we bring them back to light. This group bring lots of different beats to their own genre. Were not sure in what category that we should put them into, but this is really funky electro pop that must not be forgotten.

Manhattan Sapphire is a musical extravaganza Experience

There are only very few artists in the world that can mix several genres and be loved for that. Ugress from Norway is one of those groups. They make fantastic music that is different! Ugress is as underground as they are becoming a popular band all in all. Their concerts is amazing and their use of different samples methods just rocks a lot.

Yes, Ugress even uses the well known SID tune in some of their songs.

In Manhattan Sapphire you become instant glad about India. That’s what I am thinking when listening to it. Its a journey for your mind into a dream that should never end.

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Ugress - Manhattan Sapphire
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