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Published on 12/02/2018
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A dance music project from Germany made huge headlines and love for the dance music genre. U96 was their name and had some very huge hits that is hard to forget. But todays radio stations doesn’t play any U96 songs here in Norway anymore. This genre seems to be a bit to uplifting, even though this group always had this serious eurodance tone within their songs.

Formed in 1991. But U96 is still active Today

This dance techno group from Germany is formed by DJ and producer Alex Christensen. There is also team of producers named Matiz (Ingo Hauss, Helmut Hoinkis, and Hayo Lewerentz).

Das Boot is U96 most known dance song. It has these sounds that you simply won’t forget, because they have a serious tone to them. U96 used amazing electric synth tones and beats that formed their songs. When you listen to their songs, they are able to transport you to another time and dimension. Incredible talented dance group from Germany for sure.

Yet another Huge hit by U96

In 1995, Love Religion was released by them which became yet another huge hit from them. The song might be several years old, but it is still great today. Worldwide radio stations should play this kind of music much more. U96’s music is still energic and important in the history of music. But because this genre is maybe too uplifting it doesn’t have the same importance as before.

All we can conclude is that this group is one of the most memorable and Fantastic groups ever to come from Germany. U96 will always be them. Their sound made them. They had this unique submarine feel to all of their songs, which kept their style become theirs. No other groups as we know have copied or extended their work somehow.

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U96 with Love Religion
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