Twenty 4 Seven with We are the world – Eurodance Beats03:36

Published on 26/12/2017
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If you want to know how pizzas are delivered around in an apartment. Then this Eurodance video with Twenty 4 Seven bands from Sweden shows you how. However, I don’t really understand the full meaning of the video, but it is quite funny. The old man is a bit scary, but the singers help the music video a lot. This song is made by Twenty 4 Seven, which was a humongous popular Eurodance group from Sweden. They aren’t making music anymore, but they managed to create nostalgic tunes.

Get their songs on today’s streaming services on-line

Not only can you still buy music made by Twenty 4 Seven. But you can also listen to them on Spotify and Deezer. One of their most known songs is Slave To The Music, but this song came a bit later. It did get some popularity but was soon bypassed by other artists. It is, however, a very nice tune, so we decided to put it up on Muuuzic. It got the right Eurodance vibe for sure.

Here is the Lyrics for We are the world song by Twenty 4 Seven

Genius is a very nice site where you can get lots of lyrics from different songs. This is very nice for finding the lyrics that you want. It also allows you to embed lyrics anywhere making lyrics available wherever you want them to be available. Muuuzic recommends this service because we can give you lyrics for different songs as a free service to you.

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