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Published on 29/11/2017
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In Norway, the Eurodance genre never got popular as in Germany, Sweden, Finland and other countries in Europe. It is mostly because such music isn’t seen as pure music. However. Some artists like Trancylvania did some impact on their Eurodance party track. They even got their song into many different Mega Dance CD’s hits compilations.

Eurodance Party song from Norway

You can now listen to this extravaganza Norwegian Eurodance song in our Internet Music Database. From here we can reveal that this is one of the best Eurodance party songs ever made by a Norwegian Eurodance group. Hard to find, but Muuuzic is digging everywhere so you can experience Trancylvania again.

The singer in Trancylvania is a very known NRK host. So she is quite famous. However. To see her singing in this music video shows that she got more talent than just being a TV host. This song got so many cool synth beats and it is a nostalgic trip back to the days when this music genre was sort of fresh in Norway.

Our biggest question is why Eurodance never got the popularity that it deserved. Most of the Eurodance party groups in Norway became known outside of Norway, which is a shame. NRK tried to give this genre a push, but it never became popular. In early 2000, the Norwegian Eurodance scene got Dina and Tina which tried to make specific Norwegian Eurodance tracks. They got some popularity, but their popularity vanished as fast as it came.

We Love the ’90s is Back in Norway finally

On the 28th of April 2019, the event We Love the 90’s will try to bring those Eurodance party moments back a bit.

We Love The 90’s is back at Telenor Arena with a new show – Saturday April 28th 2018! Get ready for yet another reunion with the decade that brought us Friends, Furby and the Macarena.

The following artists are currently confirmed: Hanson (US), Scooter (DE), Vengaboys (NL), Alban (SE), Haddaway (DE), Hermes House Band (NL), Los Del Rio (ESP), Robin S (US), 5ive (UK), Capella (IT), DJ Quicksilver (DE), Mr. President (DE), Daze (DK), La Cream (SE), Hit’n Hide (DK), Dr. Bombay (SE), Oral B (NO)

So, if you are from Norway or in nearby countries. Check out this Eurodance event in Oslo, Norway here on 28th of April 2019!

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Maybe there is hope for Eurodance in Norway?


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