T.P.F.F. with Keep On Doin’ is an Uplifting Eurodance Experience04:57

Published on 29/08/2018
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We got tons of Eurodance tracks here on Muuuzic. We love to cover anyone! Also those songs which isn’t that known. Yes, we want to cover rare dance tracks too. They are part of the history too.

Keep On Doin’ is an Uplifting Eurodance Experience

Eurodance genre is a genre that is often forgotten outside of its popularity area of Europe. Why this is the case is unknown, but maybe the lifestyle tells people to listen to something else? Eurodance had such an impact on people in the 1990s its interesting to see Eurodance groups getting forgotten. T.P.F.F. is such group. This group made only uplifting Eurodance tracks and they did it well. However, people forget. Which we at Muuuzic wants to prevent.

T.P.F.F is one of the most uplifting Eurodance groups in the 1990s. Maybe it’s because of their name that they are seen as a rare Eurodance group today? Keep On Doin’ did came out in 1994 and I remember it came on eurodance compilation CDs at that time. But after that they were forgotten. Which is not good. They are part of the Eurodance history together with all of the big eurodance groups like Real McCay and Double You.

Only two songs by T.P.F.F might have caused them to became a Rare Eurodance group

Beside this song, T.P.F.F also made Nightlife. Which is also uplifting. The sad thing about this group is that they gave up way too early. Their songs is in the awesome production category. They sing great, beats are correct and the production feels great. But for some reason there is way too little information about them on-line.

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But what we can reveal is that TPFF means Three Persons For Fun. Producer were Serge Ramaekers. Songs were Written by M. Horsford which is the only info to find about them.


Source: eurokdj.com

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T.P.F.F. with Keep On Doin' is an Uplifting Eurodance Experience, Rare Eurodance Track
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