The world is full of changes and now a remarkable change has just arrived for all Muuuzic Eurodance fans. In co-operation with Eurodance Girl, we will give you Top 5 Songs from her. A fantastic girl that loves Eurodance. She has shared lots of videos with me and I love all of the suggestions that she gives.

So, I wanted to make a Top 5 series from her Eurodance library which is huge. She spreads her love for Eurodance everywhere she goes and its a trigger for me. Because Eurodance isn’t that popular anymore and it is so fantastic to see such passion for this genre.

Eurodance Girl is such an inspiration for me. I’ve always loved Eurodance and now we work even closer together to bring you much more Eurodance tunes of higher quality to all of you. Let’s revive the Eurodance genre. It deserves that as the 1990s had lots of happiness because of it. We need to bring that back to people.

#1 Future City with Only Love keeps the Week alive

Future City ‎with Only Love Genre from 1995 is a happy tune that will make everyone dance no matter age. Only Love is a very light but at the same time a genius Eurodance tune. If you love Eurodance then this is a tune you can’t let go. It got everything that a Eurodance song got.

Besides this tune, they also had two previous songs. Infactuation from 1994 and their first tune Let Your Body Free from 1993. It’s sad that they only existed for a short time but during that time this Eurodance band gave a lot and so we can present it together with Eurodance Girl.

Link: YouTube

#2 M-Pact with Dreams is Eurodance perfection

M-Pact ‎with Dreams Genre from 1997 is a true style Electronic Style House, Euro House tune from the United Kingdom in Europe. It is uplifting, great to listen on your way to work or in the evening. A perfect song for making the week or even the weekend to something unique.

This is the only song from M-Pact. Love it from start to end. What happened to you? I want more of that female voice. It is fantastic but so underrated. A fantastic Eurodance tune from 1997.

Link: YouTube

#3 Future Beat with Power Of Love is Perfect for March Month

Future Beat ‎with Power Of Love from 1995 is an awesome tune from Germany that just grows on your skin. It’s a light tune but got these panflute moments that strengthen its energy rhythm. A fantastic Eurodance tune with lots of heat. Keeps you going.

Power Of Love and X-Tasy is 2 of the best releases by Future Beat. Active from 1993 to 1996. Keeping the dancefloor wet for sure. Power Of Love got so much energy in it. A fantastic March tip.

Link: YouTube

#4 Jungle 5 with Feel The Power (Of Love) is what You need

Jungle 5 ‎with Feel The Power (Of Love) Genre from 1994 got some really awesome rapping and female voices singing from Germany. Its a down to earth tune that lets you flip out on a Monday,… making the rest of the week a fantastic one.

Another one song from one remarkable Eurodance group that never saw a second tune coming which is questionable? This tune is really good. The female singing is really nice. I feel the power with the beat of her voice and his rapping. Fantastic!

Link: YouTube

#5 Solid Base with Stay With Me takes you to another dimension

Solid Base ‎with Express Genre from 1999 is an uplifting ride that takes anyone that is cold to a much warmer place. A very nice tune from Sweden and Norway that got a release in 1999. It is a tune that got all of the Eurodance elements that make this to a remarkable tune.

From 1994 until 2000 this group was active. Then, later on, they have been on the Back To The 90’s concerts. A fantastic group that I listen to a lot and to know that Eurodance Girl puts this tune on her number 5 top list for March 2020 is really nice.

Solid Base is a Swedish-Norwegian Eurodance group that was originally fronted by Isabelle Heitman and Tomas Nordin. Their music was produced by Mattias Eliasson and Jonas Ericsson. The group went on a hiatus in 2004 but returned in 2014 with Camilla Alvestad (née Henningsen) replacing Isabelle Heitman (now married Hollender) as a vocalist. They have been a huge success despite the ups and downs of the Eurodance genre. It is nice to see groups climb and listen to the fans.

Link: YouTube

In April this series will return. If people like this series maybe more.

Source: Eurodance Girl

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