Tine with Vil Ha Deg is a Norwegian Eurodance song that got released in 2004. The song is about Wanting You in English. It is a simple song title but it is a song that works really great.

Tine and Tonje does a fantastic job together

Tine is not the one singing in this song. It is Tonje Vågen. Tonje singing is really good and made the tune much better. I think that this song is lovely. It was after the release of this song, that they revealed it was Tonje Vågen Aase from gospel singing group Him that did the singing. But what the Norwegian media didn’t understand is that in the Eurodance genre, this is has been done many times.

The singing in the video itself is amazingly done by Tonje, which makes this song worthy to listen to. It is a very good Norwegian Eurodance song and Tine is sexy in the music video. Her figure helps this song a lot. Not everyone fits into being an artist that have the confidence enough to be filmed. So, in this case I think that even though it is Tine on the cover. The media should have embraced both of them for making one of the best Eurodance tracks in the Norwegian language.

Tine is hot in this music video

Even though Tine isn’t singing. She has a fantastic figure so the music video is really uplifting and fresh. This tune is mostly for the Norwegian audience, but if you love to hear artists singing in other languages. Then I think that this one is a good one. For me, Spanish Eurodance is amazing even though I don’t understand what they are singing about. I just walk around happy.

Eurodance is an uplifting experience music genre and so Tine gives a perfect experience I think. Tonje doesn’t have that same charisma on me. But her voice is a gift which she should have used a lot more. Maybe she have, but I don’t know about other songs with her on.

So, pump up the volume. This is an awesome Norwegian Eurodance tune that will always be a hit for me and I hope that I inspired some of you too.

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