Drama happens in the world of Eurodance too. Here is the voice behind “This is your night” by Amber. She has gone viral to take back whats hers right to have. Maybe there are other Eurodance groups out there where artists have been treated badly?

Here is singers Reaction to the 25th Anniversary of Amber and their hit.

On the 25th anniversary of Amber’s first single was released on 05/21/1996 of the title ‘This is your night’, Amber will start speaking the truth on how her “ex producers”, the “Berman Brothers”- also known as Frank and Christian Beermann from Germany, who stole her publishing shares and are scared to face Amber to find a quiet settlement.


When she is one of the reasons that Amber is such a huge success. Then why doing so much to hurt this woman which got a voice of an angel? Whatever happened and I am not to judge. But in this chase. She should get MUCH LOVE! The fans loves you!

Here is part II to my story with the truth on the Berman Brothers. I will continue to speak the truth until they grow up and settle this matter with me as I do deserve. Until then, nor one nor anything can and will silence me.


The music industry can be tough, but what they have done here doesn’t seem to be anything good. This woman gave Amber the voice. She should be the one getting the most. Not some people trying to earn so much on others productivity.

It is mature of Dance Diva Amber to go out with these statements about how it was to work with Amber. Their hit “This Is Your Night” deserves love because of her voice. She made me love Eurodance and I will always protect and care for what the singers and producers of songs says. They are the ones that have used tons of time promoting the band. Not for others to take over 90% of the income.

Lots of Amber love from Muuuzic Eurodance Site!

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