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Published on 30/08/2018
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This is what we call Eurodance in Energy mode. Texture was a Eurodance band from Italy that produced their music between 1993 and 1997.  This Power Of Love is an extremely powered song that takes you back to January 1994 instantly!

Eurodance Energy blast in Power Of Love by Texture

Musical team did consist of Matahari and Selenia. They both also took part to the Kangaroo project, but is it the same Selenia that took part to 3-O-Matic’s album is an unknown fact. Also in Texture Eurodance band you also find Gigi Cerin and Danny Milano.

Texture’s first single was released in Italy under Dig It – Mela Music and in Germany under Direct Effect. The vocalist really sounded like Annerly Gordon is the comment in eurokdj site.

According to their biography published by their records company, SAIFAM Publishing Group, the commercial house music was for Texture the best sound to get the public. They were born in 1990 and they began the training by singing and playing famous international house-covers in discotheques and clubs. The live performances allowed them to create their own music and style. This long and lucky adventure helped the band to gather the ideas and the sound of its first record.

In 1993 the project was ready and they got a contract with newly founded label Hot line records in Milan. The single Always was produced by Farina and Crivellente, and recorded at Factory Sound studios. It was their first single, and also the first entry in Hot Line records’ catalog. Annerly Gordon could have done vocals for the single.

The two next singles The Power Of Love and Take A Chance On Me did some waves in the music world, sure to be big hits in discotheques thanks to their strong rhythm and good keyboard playing. After several changes in the band, now composed by Barbara Marani and Alessandro Perrone, goes on with the success.

The Power Of Love is for sure a strong song with a turbo rhythm and the electronic synths is put in correct places. Texture is for sure one of the Eurodance groups that made huge impact on Eurodance popularity. This song did a huge push for that to happen for sure too.

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Texture will always be remembered delivering such strong song!


Source: eurokdj.com

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