The first single Let It Be was recorded at M Studios, in Cologne. It was released back in 1993 and was their biggest hit.

After two years of waiting. Finally. Ten Minutes released their second single Your Toy in 1995 that is fun! It became their best release, featuring the voice of Tina Jones. The last single It’s Your Love features the voice of a vocalist called Yasmin but it became a hardcore mess. However. An interesting thing to know. In both their last singles, they mention support from the Toys’r’ Us company, maybe they composed a piece of music for one of their TV commercials?

A very rare but excellent single was released only on vinyl under the label Prefix, licensed in Spain under Boy Records, it was entitled, Love. In my view, it is very good. A great Eurodance track that is soo underrated it should be illegal! But I am glad that Eurodance Girl saves the history of Eurodance by keeping posting tons of Eurodance songs every day.

Ten Minutes was Fantastic and I am glad that I can bring this to you.

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