Ten Minutes released their single Your Toy in 1995, as their best release, featuring the voice of Tina Jones. Before this one, they released Let It Be which is a song from Ten Minutes that can make you put it on repeat because of addictive female voice singing. But that single CD came out in 1993. So, What happened to them?

Later, Ten Minutes released their fantastic but rare Love in 1995 and their last single It’s Your Love in 1996 features the voice of a vocalist called Yasmin. In both their last singles, they mention support by the Toys’r’ Us company. So we can only speculate in that maybe the Ten Minutes band actually composed music for one of their TV commercials?

A fantastic Eurodance group that did well but should have done so much more. Ten Minutes got one of the most memorable Eurodance songs for sure even though they aren’t many. Ten Minutes deserves to get so much more Love than they got.


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