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Published on 26/10/2019
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One of the earliest Eurodance songs is Pump Up The Jam by Technotronic. Many would say that it is more house than Eurodance but it is from this time when this song was released that the Eurodance genre started up from.

Pump Up The Jam is Refreshing

The entire song is very refreshing. It is very valuable since the beats, rhythm and dancing are very good.  Today you hardly find music videos that are having the very same effect. Eurodance is known to be the uplifting music genre. It moved music forward like no other genre.

This is the early times of Eurodance and so lots of artists were still experimenting on where this genre would move its beats and rhythms. In the beginning it Eurodance had lots of house elements in them. Later the rap took more and moreover. The serious rap took over before Aqua and other artists sort of unmatured the entire genre.

Technotronic made a music standard and they challenged everyone that listened to their music. Other bands recreated their beats and moved on even further. Twenty 4 Seven, Snap and KLF is two of the Eurodance groups that did that too. They started as house or club groups but in the end, they ended up as humongous popular Eurodance groups.

Uplifting Music Experience

Eurodance did so much more than you think to the entire world. Not only it brought all kinds of people together. But Eurodance also moved music beats to a totally new level. We at Muuuzic wants to preserve the best of this amazing music genre so that all can still get the same experience.  Technotronic is legends and so they fit perfectly on this site.

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What sort of uplifting experience did you have when listening to Eurodance? What did it do to your health? love? Feel free to comment below.

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