Technotronic with Get Up will Always Make people Dance Everywhere08:11

Published on 08/12/2017
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When music was awesome! Technotronic. Oooohhhh misss old daays! 😀 absloutly awsome bass backing on this track – need a good hifi to appreciate it properly and the background dancing black hottie is hot LOVE …. LOVE !!!! they were so far ahead of the curve,,, they would still top 10 artists today with this sound that everyone is doing now Love this…brings back good memories. And that dancer with the blue lipstick is damn hot. I remember a different version of the video with some model lipsynching. This has much better energy.

People will always love Technotronic

I could go on and on and on. But all of the comments below this video on YouTube just shows how great song this was when it came out and is still remembered today.

Technotronic was for sure a really amazing eurodance house group! Now, turn up that HiFi! Because this eurodance group means business everywhere its played. Play it load!

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Technotronic with Get Up
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