From 1994, this German Eurodance group named Toucher released Fantasy. The real name is Ralph-Armand Beck. From discogs I found that he was a German DJ since 1991. His name ‘Taucher’ means “Diver” in English.
DJ in Club: Fernmeldeturm (Mannheim).

Taucher won notoriety for his unusual stage antics, appearing as a scuba diver, in a wedding dress, performing amateur ballet, and deejaying upside down. His remix of DJ Tandu’s hit “Ayla” was an international club hit in Europe, and since then he has remixed for Culture Beat, Faithless, Robert Miles and Cherry Moon Trax, among others.

This is a unique gem! This is a perfect example on why Germany is so big within the Eurodance genre. But this is the only track that is Eurodance from Ralph-Armand. Rest are remarkable trance tracks from him. When I digg I find tracks that I never listened to back in the days. Now I do and love to share my findings with you. Unique gems must be shared at any costs.