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Published on 13/02/2018
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Systomatic was a project of the Masterboy team in 1994. This small but important song was produced by Rico Novarini (who is actually Enrico Zabler). The single was recorded at Session Studios in Walldorf (Germany). It was mixed by Thomas Engelhard. Achim Sobotta took part to the keyboard programming. The lyrics were written by Skywalker (Lukas Cordalis) and Rico. The single was released under Polydor Germany.

Rare song by Systomatic that should get way more attention

Masterboy was huge within Eurodance genre in the 90s. But to see that such small project like this managed to pull interest is really interesting. This rare song is unique, yet very well made. Its quality from the start to end, even though Systomatic only made one single!  Only 4 You is their only ever made song. Made by the Masterboy team,.. yet they should have made even more we think. There are some really cool beat parts in this song that is unique and cool to listen to. Especially the beginning of this song sets the mood for the entire song pretty well.

You can find this single on both CD and Vinyl. There is also two different mixes on the CD single.

Systomatic is a rare eurodance track, but Muuuzic want to keep them alive for you. This is important eurodance history tones that deserves to be mentioned.





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