This is a fire of a track from Germany back in 1993, which we must send a huge thanks for keeping Eurodance so awesome as it is. Superfly is a Eurodance production team from Germany. It is the same as for Olli’s Club: Sinclair, Wilde, and Crazy People.

The first single Fly Robin Fly was a cover of a song that was originally sung by Silver Convention. Produced by K&L Music, programmed, mixed, and edited by The Crazy People, it sounded very similar to Felix’ Do not You Want Me. It was recorded at Milestone Studios, Germany. The saxophone was played by Bobby Stone. But that song is as this one way too underrated. Is It Love deserves so much more love in my view.

The information I got is that the Eurodance group is from Germany, but on the CD it says that this song is made in Italy. A fantastic tune that got some awesome male singing, amazing vocals, and the best Eurodance beats that you can find. This is Muuuzic!