Felix’ Don’t You Want Me vibe is striking alike in this Eurodance tune by Superfly. But the fact is what you get at the beginning of this tune from Superfly is not the meaning of the song. On some occasions, you get a tune like this one that has borrowed elements from other songs that have changed the beat completely into another dimension of synth elements and singing!

This very unique, rare, and sooo underrated song by Superfly are gems that really shows how amazing the ’90s were when it comes to exploring the beats and synth area of the Eurodance genre. Fly Robin Fly doesn’t want to be a Felix’ Do not You Want Me remix, but giving it a totally new meaning. The remarkable saxophone element and the progressive Dance Mix that I found of the tune Fly Robin Fly put this into its own masterpiece category here at Muuuzic. This is a Remarkable Gem from 1992!

Fantastic Eurodance saxophone tune from Superfly

After the Felix start type of part, this song takes a new path, and when the saxophone part joins it really stands out. I am lifted out of my chair. This is a tune that deserves to be played loud. This is a Eurodance gem! Also this Dance Mix of the tune makes the tune even more alive.

In the YouTube video above here, you can listen to the Radio Mix version of Fly Robin Fly. The production of this Eurodance song got huge value. It is as good as the Dance Mix but is a bit more slacky on the bass drums. Share this if you love this sort of Eurodance music! Superfly deserves so much more attention!

Is Eurodance dead?

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