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Published on 10/09/2018
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American Eurodance is Different. So, we had to include it into Muuuzic Internet Music Database! This is Eurodance that got more rap, more soul and a slower rhythm than the usual Eurodance tracks made at the same time in Europe. It Takes Two (Deeper Love) came in 1999, just before Y2K hype got revealed! Spike manages to introduce some intense emotional rap and pop into Eurodance, which was pretty unique at that time! Especially from the USA! Synths, Beats, and Singing is taken a step back it seems. This is how Music is taking you Higher! Way higher! Uplifting! Pamela Michell gives Spike all of her love! Perfect singer and she is sexy!

Spike was a Eurodance band from New York introducing slow pop and rap Rhythm to the genre

New York-born DJ, producer, and remixer Darrin Friedman formed in 1998 from rapper Barrelhouse J.M. and the singer Pamela Mitchell named after his nickname duo Spike. As a songwriter, Florian Richter alias Judge Flow and Marc Lennard were added, which took over the production in addition to Lafayette Karrington.

With the first single Respect in 1998, the leap into various European hit parades succeeded. In Germany, the song climbed to number 11 and was awarded Gold, in Austria it climbed to 6th and in Switzerland in 10th place with It Takes Two (Deeper Love), which in May 1999 in Austria and Switzerland With 10th place, he was even able to reach the German Top 10 with 8th place.

The Album by Spike was released in 1999 and gave them a Nice boost

Spike – The Album was released on June 1999. The long-player reached the top 10 in Germany (6th place) and Switzerland (7th place), but narrowly missed them in Austria (12th place). In addition to the previous singles, the following spike hits were also included on this album. Responsible achieved only a middle position in Germany in September 1999 with 52nd place, the follow-up single So in Luv was ranked 51st in early 2000 and 59th in Switzerland.

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The songs Never Gonna Give You Up and A Moment of Love 2001 were the last, albeit small, chart success of the project. The accompanying album should be called So-Called Friends but was not completed. By 2005, two features appeared under the name Spike, 2003 (I Want to Give You) Devotion with Nomad and 2005 Crazy for Your Love with Luniz. There were no other publications.

Pamela Mitchell really made this Eurodance group special. Her voice is as powerful as Whitney Huston for sure. Her skin is sexy and the way she is filmed in Spike music videos is brilliant. A beautifully dark skinned lady that got the voice and confidence. She made Spike shine and it’s sad that there aren’t more photos or info about this group.

If you got more info about them. Send mail to post at distrita dot com!

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