Sound Of R.E.L.S with Love Is The Powa is a Unique Eurodance Track05:23

Published on 06/06/2018
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Love the summer? Love the heat? Love to dance? Then this track named as Love Is The Powa is for sure a Eurodance track that is really great. It is a Eurodance track from Finland and we must say its one of the best dance tracks from Finland ever made we think.

Sound Of R.E.L.S is Fantastic Finnish Eurodance band Kicking Everyone’s Dancefloors

Amina Hietikko, Esa Mäkelä, Kai Stenman, Sami Piiparinen and Veijo Mäki created the group in the middle of the ’90s. They could sing, they could rap and their synth beats were made perfectly. So, even now in 2018, this song sounds correct.

A fantastic song from a fantastic Eurodance group. Showing how great Eurodance songs could be made in the Nordic countries too.

Eurodance heals anyone that wants to be healed

This is a unique track that deserves much more attention than it got. It is still energic as ever. I think this is one of the tunes that will never age. In 2070 some people will still love it because it got a very nice message. Keep the loving power continue! Never let it stop!




Muuuzic Loves this and Hope You do it too! Love Is The Powa ! Remember it.



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