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Published on 25/01/2018
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If there is one Norwegian-Swedish Eurodance group that you should love. Then it is Solid Base! They are incredible in making their songs very uplifting. They are proof of the uplifting times in the 90s when people had more hopes for the future it seems.

Solid Base nails it with Stay With Me

The lead singer in Solid Base is Isabelle Heitmann, which is born in 1972 in Oslo, Norway. She had always a passion for singing since her childhood, and at the age of 10, she moved to Gothenburg, Sweden. And so her career started!

Solid Base was one of the hottest Scandinavian Eurodance groups ever. But since 2014, Solid Base has returned and done a lot of Back to the 90s shows around Scandinavia.

Still active today with a new single released in January 2017

In September 2015, Solid Base released a new single called “Wet”. In January 2017, Solid Base released a new single called “We’re Gonna Rock it!”. So, they are not gone.

We love Solid Base and they make their songs true to the Eurodance for sure. Stay With Me got all the right beats, right synths and Isabelle’s voice is amazing in this song. This was one of the few Eurodance groups where a woman actually did all the singing. Often the Eurodance groups used a rapper or a male person to sing but in this song, she is doing everything and she nails it totally. Solid Base showed how diverse the Eurodance genre can be and is one of the most respected Eurodance groups that are still alive.

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Isabelle Heitmann nailed it in other Eurodance groups also

Before she ended up singing at Solid Base. She also had the sensual voice in the very popular Cool James and Black Teacher Eurodance group on their album. Her voice is unique and should never be forgotten. What an uplifting voice! We love it!

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Solid Base with Stay With Me
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