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Published on 18/06/2018
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From 1989 until 1996 and then from 2000 until present Snap can be said to be a quite unique German Eurodance group. It was made by Michael Münzting and Luca Anzilotti with several changes during the years. Their best ever known hits is The Power and Rhythm Is a Dancer. They managed to climb Billboard Hot 100 to 2nd and 5th. Though in the world these two songs were on 1st overall for sure. They were played Everywhere!

Colour of Love climbed High in Europe

This is not one of Snap’s most popular songs. But it actually reached 9th place in Germany. It is a bit slower type of Eurodance song with lots of rap elements that Snap were known for. Until today, there is simply no other group out there that have managed to deliver so good rap quality as the main rapper in Snap. He is and will always be a legend.

In 1996 Snap was actually officially stated over. They released Snap! Attack: The Best of Snap! that was going to be their last ever release ever. However, things happened in 2000 when they out of sudden released a totally new song. Gimme a Thrill managed to reach 11th place in Germany and that was enough to power Snap. Soon after that Snap continued releasing new songs, which is really unique and a neat thing to do.

However, it is the old Snap that kept the Eurodance spirit correctly. After 2000, Snap tried to add new style into their music, but we think that they never managed to climb the hit lists again like they did in the middle of the 90’s. Basic Element did a great job though, if we can compare. Basic Element had huge hits in the 90s too and in the end of 2000 age also. Snap should have done the same. Also Fun Factory is back and they focus on the beats that made them popular too. Maybe the new Snap should do that too?

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Snap was a mystery all the way. Each time they performed, they had a new singer on stage. So, who song what is sometimes a mystic question. We love the old Snap still for sure.


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