There is a huge reason why I am in love with this song since it was aired for the first time. The synth gets you hooked and her voice is just amazing. Silja with How Could I Find Love came out when I was young and it brought out a style that is not made anymore it seems.

Silja’s Eurodance is a Proof that this Genre is Eternal

Today the world’s music style is not what Eurodance bands like Silja presented. Back in 1994, when this song was out this genre was huge. So Silja’s style must be protected at all costs. This tune is really powerful and it is really uplifting.

I don’t want Eurodance music genre to die. It is the most uplifting and most uniting music genre ever made. But when will people understand that?

90s dance music is alive and here in contrary of the nowadays music, believe me, I ignore totally whats happen in it and who cares on porno clips naked girls fake talent always thinking on making money and forgetting the fans and their passion for the music and bands what a mess we missed those legends of 90s dance rock rnb rap techno trance-pop poprock they were our reason of loving music.

Silja’s music will never be forgotten! Never!

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