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Published on 23/09/2017
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From before, we know about Zlata from Ukraine. But now, Alyosha released a totally new musicvideo in the end of May this year named Калина, which is translated to Kalina! Now it is in our Muuuzic Internet Music Database. This is a more pop song rather than a Eurodance song, yet it is so uplifting that its difficult to say NO! We simply love this song… and the beats it got.

Muuuzic Internet Music Database presents Sexy and Incredible beats from Alyosha

I sort out of nowhere got to listen to this song. It was my YouTube random player that started to play this song and now I just can’t stop listening. Even though I don’t understand a single word of what she sings, the tones, music and voice made me love her song for sure.

This is for sure some refreshing beats and that it is coming from Ukraine is even stunning. I am sure now that this country hides many fantastic artists that are hidden for the rest of the world.

In this incredible country in Europe, it seems like music is what keeps this country strong for sure and Alyosha is for sure a bridge builder with this powerful pop song. Over 3.1 million views and almost no English comments at all. This song deserves so much more attention outside of Ukraine for sure!

To Be Free, No Pictures, Sweet People is the Messages

This song gives me nostalgic vibes with Arabic tones. It pulls me back to the beginning of the 1990s a bit for sure when many Eurodance artists created music regarding poverty, sexism, and violence. Many artists also sang regarding peace in the world and Ukraine has felt instability in their own country. Maybe Alyosha which is from Zaporizhia in Ukraine wants to tell the world what Ukrainian people really want.

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Ukraine is for sure a beautiful country and it’s artists have some of the best eyes and expressions. Especially their female singers. These women are amazing and in this video, she is dancing together with black persons too. So, she is really trying to move boundaries with this video which also got a very sexy design to the moves and the clothes everyone uses.

The song is Beautifully made and it gets you Hooked!

Zlata has managed to get me hooked to her songs. But now she got a nice competitor for sure! Muuuzic from Distrita family of sites will from now on follow more on Ukrainian musicians for sure. This country is for sure full of unknown artists that just need to be known. Muuuzic wants to help these artists because they deserve a more international audience. Yes, they do!


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