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Published on 23/01/2018
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From 3rd of November 1969 until 9th of May 2017, one of the biggest trance dj’s in the world said goodbye way to early. His music inspired millions, including artists like ATB  and Mephisto which is as good as Robert Miles was. So, I wanted to share this song with you as it makes me remember Roberto Concina which is Robert Miles original name.

Robert Miles dies way too early! Only 47 Years old

Regarding sources, Robert Miles passed away on 9th of May 2017 because of stage 4 metastatic cancer. He battled with the cancer for over 9 months OpenLab Facebook site reports.

Robert Miles was way more than just an artist. He was a pioneer, a creator, a father and our friend. He was incredibly brave and did everything he could to fight his cancer. This extravaganza trance dj came from Switzerland that will be missed for milleniums to come.

Mephisto and ATB piano inspired trance Music reminds of Robert Miles

When I was younger, it was Robert Miles and ATB that teached me about trance music. André Tanneberger is the artist name and is from Germany. He was born on 28th of February 1973 and is today 44 years old. He is in the same category. He is a DJ, producer and remixer. He’s been active since 1998 and got many songs popular like Robert Miles.

Movin’ Melodies was my first ATB album, and since then his music have grown on me like the ones Robert Miles did. You could sort of say that these two are the almighty ones regarding trance music. They filled each other completely. So to loose such an incredible talented trance producer is a loss. He showed that trance can be beautiful. He showed that trance can be a genre for the masses and he showed how his piano tones moved peoples minds.

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We really hope that ATB  and Mephisto which is a lovely Italian DJ will survive and make music for many years to come. This is for sure a genre that needs to be lifted up again. There is simply too much of 128bpm trance songs now florrishing on the video watching sites. Some of these songs are nice, but its just too much and too depressing. Trance should be uplifting and that’s what ATB does today and what Robert Miles did!

Roberto Concina which is Robert Miles will always be remembered in my heart!

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Robert Miles with Celebration
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