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Published on 21/05/2018
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How was it possible for Real McCoy to get such popularity as they did in the ’90s? Here at Muuuzic, we dug the net and so found out that this awesome Eurodance made musical and producing team consisted of Jurgen Wind, Frank Hassas aka Ritchie and O’Jay.

Sommer of 1989 Real McCoy began their Eurodance Journey

Real McCoy started in the Summer of 1989 as with many other Eurodance groups that became very famous. When Reinhard Piel, A&R Manager of the german based label ZYX Records, called the little production company “Freshline Records” belonging to O’Jay, a musician and former photographer. O’Jay had already been part of a trio project called Masterplan. Then he took part to The Admirers and released the tracks Action! and Come Into My Life.

Before this time they had already worked on a couple of other products with ZYX. This time they were looking for a cover “rap” version of the song Pump Up The Jam by Technotronic. A real artist at that time was not so important for ZYX. They were looking for making a quick production, something they could release within a short time.

O’Jay managed to write and record his rap within 2 days. Then they hired a studio vocalist for the female chorus part. The result was pretty poor. She was not even close to the unique voice in the original version, but they stuck with it. They simply didn’t have any other option.

In the process of the writing, O’Jay gave the “imaginary” rapper of my voice the name M.C. SAR. He explains :

“Since my English was pretty basic I produced a name that should have been “M.C. ZAR” but I used the german way of writing Cezar. I also added “The real McCoy” in the name (maybe even in the lines) to represent myself and not (like it is many times mistakently written) to represent the people behind the project. I knew already that I would not appear on the cover or even the stage for this song. So I gave my “fake” rapper a name and added myself into it with the trademark “The real McCoy”.”

M.C. SAR & The Real McCoy came to Life

ZYX had finished production on the table a week later. At that time everyone thought that this product would only be a “one-time”, so they used the name of a project O’Jay created two years ago: M.C. SAR & The Real McCoy.

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Real McCoy managed to produce their Pump Up The Jam, which made it up to number 16 in the German billboard charts. So when ZYX asked for a follow-up single, they went back to the studio and recorded It’s On You with Patricia Peterson as a singer.

“It was strange but we knew in our hearts and souls that this follow up single was a hit” explains O’Jay.

“The song was simple (like almost all of the self-composed songs we did). Ritchie worked with a bumping bassline and added some trendy synths on top. The beat was drumloop of a song called Break 4 Love by Raze. The beat was pretty popular, since a guy called Sydney Youngblood had a smash hit (If Only I Could), using the same beat. The rap was already recorded and we added some samples (we still liked that kind of stuff and still did not care of any copyright problems). Ritchie prerecorded my chorus melody.” O’Jay reminds. “Patsy was perfect for the song. Her voice reminded us a little of Wommack & Womack’s Footsteps on the dancefloor. Somehow her voice was unique. Everybody was happy with the result and made the final mix for ZYX.”

According to the official story, It’s On You reached #1 in 12 countries and sold over 2 million copies worldwide. On YouTube, this YouTube clip got over 3.1 million views. So, Real McCoy was really huge as people still remember this Eurodance group from the ’90s.

Some of the comments mention that Real McCoy was one of the best dance groups of the ’90s. The ’90s were the golden years for dance music. Eurodance reminds people of the disco. Disco was huge in the ’70s and then slept for many years. Same with Eurodance it was huge in the ’90s and is now getting more popularity again. Now the younger generation calls it EDM today. But the memories will live on forever. Today we live in a modern time now. Real McCoy, La Bouche, Fun Factory and there are more were all great groups from this genre that made the 90’s so interesting. It was a great generation. House now today has gone more modern. It’s not the same anymore.

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