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Published on 27/08/2018
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Germany made lot’s of Eurodance bands. One of them was Real McCoy. They are for sure One of world’s most known Eurodance bands.  Check out their other hit One More Time here! This song title Another Night by Real McCoy is one of world’s most known Eurodance tracks too. So, they got a lot going on for sure.

Real McCoy made Eurodance famous Everywhere

They are still famous today. But they had small breaks. Between 1997 and 1999, then 1999 to 2006 and 2009 to 2016 they were pretty silent. However, the name Real McCoy haven’t changed. The main member Olaf Jeglitza and Karin Kasar is still with us today.

However, Real McCoy had several members in the past. Some of them were Patricia Petersen (Patsy), Lisa Cork, Vanessa Mason
Georges Mario (M.C. Sar), Jason Ammon, Gabriele Koopmans (Gaby)
Ginger Kamphuis (Ginger), Gemma Sampson (Gemma J) and Debbie Butts.

Real McCoy was internationally successful throughout the ’90s with the hit songs “Another Night”, “Automatic Lover (Call for Love)”, “Run Away,” “Love & Devotion”, “Come and Get Your Love”, “One More Time” and the multi-platinum album Another Night. They were known all over the world where Eurodance became huge. They delivered interesting beats with great singers pulling the genre beyond what was thinkable at that time.

They returned in 1999 for a Short Fuzz Comeback

In 1999, Real McCoy came back after a break since 1997. Then they managed to release an all-new version of the group’s 1990 hit “It’s On You”. Also they released a totally new single “Hey Now” was released with an all-new group lineup.

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Both singles didn’t win peoples hearts at all and was almost doomed before the release even. Commercially, these two releases resulting in the production team permanently splitting up.

So, in the years after the breakup, Jeglitza continued to release new independent singles under the name Real McCoy without Wind or Hassas’ involvement.

Real McCoy is still active today even though they had all the drama. It is nice to see Eurodance groups like them going on and on.

Thanks for giving your best. Real McCoy is a true Eurodance band to Love Forever!

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