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Published on 18/06/2018
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If you want some really awesome beats this summer. Then we recommend Plus Staples with We Got 2 Be. It’s an awesome Eurodance track with quality singing and awesome electronic beats  is pure awesomeness. It brings everyone into a uplifting mood and even into a dancing mood. Fantastic performance by them.

Plus Staples moved the world with We Got 2 Be

This group started a quite interesting trend by many Eurodance bands. Only a few had a full album that was awesome and some other just released singles. I Feel The Friction, Gimme More Time and Move Allright is tracks that they just released for some reason. But it was We Got 2 Be song that gave most attention. This song is even awesome! So, why all of the other songs from Plus Staples got so low quality is a mystery.

This Eurodance group consisted of a DJ and a remixer that was working for Media Records. Simone Pagliari.

Plus Staples featured the DJ and remixer Simone Pagliari working for Media Records. He remixed many singles of East Side Beat (So Good), Kim Wilde (Kids In America 1994), Anticappella (Move Your BodyEverydayExpress Your Freedom), Patric (Love Me) and Cappella (U Got 2 Let The Music, Move On Baby, U & Me, Move It Up). He also released some solo singles, among them the very nice eurodance track We Got 2 Be.

We Got 2 Be was recorded and arranged by R. Arduini & F. Scandolari, produced by G. Bortolotti.

Who made the other Plus Staples singles is unknown. Why he didn’t help this group doing their 3 other songs is a huge question because We Got 2 Be tune is alone a very high quality Eurodance song. We ask why Plus Staples only made one unique and great song. They could have made more tracks in the style of We Got 2 Be which is a really great tune.

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We have put this track under our WoW category only, because this tune is unique. Its unique because Plus Staples tried so hard but this song was the one that made them more known.



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