Planet Perfecto – Bullet In The Gun09:16

Published on 15/04/2017
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Not a single phone is seen, when they dance! People are dancing, not worrying about what to share with friends or who aren’t there to share the evening with them. The life before and after mobile phones came is quite different. But not only that! Do you see the tv channel logo in the video?

MTV should always be Music Television

Until MTV splitted and started with more and more reality-tv shows. The channel broadcasted musicvideos 24 hours everyday. There wasn’t any reality-tv breaks back in the days! And this kind of music you never see on MTV anymore also. Atleast here in Scandinavia!

We want the old MTV back!

Get their albums Today. Planet Perfecto group, managed to make many mixes of this song, that you can see on Discogs website also! Nice song for Saturdays for sure!

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