Paradisio with Vamos A La Discoteca gives Eurodance Disco genre a New Xtravaganza Time03:37

Published on 24/10/2017
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Eurodance Disco got a new tone in 1997, when Paradisio hit the European dance floors. This Spanish Eurodance group made some very groovy and nice musicvideos for sure from the time before Y2K.

Not the biggest, but a Great Eurodance tune from Paradisio

Vamos A La Discoteca ain’t that known as her biggest hit Bailando. But it is for sure beats enough here so that even heavy metal people stop and dance!

I was browsing for death metal. How on earth did I end up here? And why am I dancing? -StrixAluco3 on YouTube

Its very nice to get dancing rythm when listening to this song. Once people hear Paradisio. This song is giving the Spanish language a right punch. Not too many Spanish artist are known in the disco and eurodance genre, but Paradisio managed to do this. She is cute, she got lots of colors and her style is pretty nice. Also most of European countries that is getting cold winters, loves to think of beach, sunshine and warm days. In summer Europe gets hot days too, but the winter months can be long. Thats why listening to Paradisio makes you feel like you are in a paradise. Its just fantastic.

Eurodance is an uplifting genre. Its a dance genre that is able to make you smile, to make you think of something nice or even become a great person too. Even though it is Euro in the Eurodance name. There are several Eurodance groups from Canada and USA too. This genre of music is heavily influenced by the use of rich melodic vocals, either exclusively by itself or inclusively with rapped verses. This, combined with cutting-edge synthesizer, strong bass rhythm and melodic hooks, establishes the core foundation of Eurodance music. Eurodance production continues to evolve with a more modernized style now.

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Enjoy Dancing! Enjoy listening to Eurodance!


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