What a voice! The female singer of Pandora Eurodance group changed pop tones into Eurodance in almost every song that they produced. That is amazing!

Anneli Magnusson which is the Pandora’s Eurodance voice was born on the 20th of June 1970 in Västerås, Sweden. Tell The World song by Pandora is one of her best pop songs that ain’t pop but Eurodance! Listen!

Tell The World by Pandora

You have all of the musical ingredients made in this song so it is an actually a Eurodance song. Not only does Anneli a fantastic job. The listeners can also hear the remarkable type of rap that is in an active mood which is very typical for Eurodance songs. This song by Pandora was released in February 1995. It was also released on Pandora’s second album Tell the World. It is my absolute favorite song by Anneli.

In Scandinavia sales of the album again exceeded the 100,000 sales number mark. In addition, Tell the World by Pandora sold more than 1 million albums in Asia alone.

Pandora is one of the best Eurodance groups from Sweden. You also have La Cream, E-Type, and Basic Element. So, this is a country with big Eurodance interests. This music genre is hot over there.

Pandora Media Until Now

Since 1993, Pandora been active. You can always follow anything happening to Pandora on the website. Anneli seems to be active today too and that’s nice to see.

Since Spring 2020 she seems to have become very active in Finland. A country that got borders with Russia, Norway, Sweden, and Estonia. In Spring 2020, Pandora participated in the Finnish version of the TV show Masked Singer as the Peacock. Then she tried to go all the way to Eurovision Song Contest 2021.

Anneli with I Love You

This song where Anneli sings I Love You did enter Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu which is the local Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Finland:

I Love You is a Eurodance-inspired pop tune. Anneli’s voice is so angel alike. In many ways, her voice reminds me of Melaine C but in her own way. The “I Love You” song is done in Finnish and English language which I find interesting together with the Teflon Brothers.  This song came in 2nd place behind Blind Channel which means it was loved by many.

On YouTube this tune is seen by over 1 million! Anneli is still delivering in 2021! Fantastic!

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