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Published on 12/01/2018
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Pandora was for sure a popular Eurodance group back in 1995. They made several hits like Tell the world and Trust me. You can watch both of them here on Muuuzic. You can search for Pandora on the front page which will lead you to this page showing all content with Pandora music videos in them. Here we give you The Naked Sun which isn’t that known eurodance track, yet important to share. Enjoy!

Some nice Background information about Pandora

Pandora group came from Sweden as with many other Eurodance groups managing making popular tracks. Sweden created many! Some of them is Twenty 4 Seven, Captain Hollywood Project, E-Type and Pandora is just some of them. Dr. Alban is also very known. Muuuzic mission is to bring this uplifting music back to everyone’s homes.

The Pandora’s female singers name is Karin Anneli Catarina Pandora Magnusson, which is pretty long. Like many artists, she could sing before she could talk.

“My mother has told me that it was my father who discovered my musical talent. I was still a baby at the time – I was already singing melodies then, long before I could speak.”

Music love since the birth of Pandora Voice

Pandora’s childhood was everything about music. At the age of 16, she began to study classical vocal technique, classical guitar and theory of music at the College of Music in Västerås. She did it in  a small town, which is located not far from Stockholm.

Pandora’s commercial career began fully in the winter of 1993 to 1994. In Autumn 1993, Pandora signed a contract with a Swedish record company and released her debut single Trust Me, which went straight into the world Eurodance charts across Europe and northern America. It was written and produced by Sir Martin and The Dr. Maxx Family.

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Best-Selling local Swedish single that went Gold

Trust Me became the best-selling local single of the year for Pandora. It even managed to sell gold. They actually managed to beat the achievements of Ace of Base which were humongous popular at the same time. Then later in 1993, Pandora’s One Of A Kind album was released. It brought the singer further fame much further. So, they achieved gold status in both Sweden and Finland. This made Pandora the best-selling eurodance band in Scandinavia.

Later in 1994, they released Come On And Do It which is an awesome eurodance track too. Music and lyrics were written by Hendrik Anderson (Peter Johannson wrote the B-side Get Your Chance). Raps were done by K-Slim. It was produced by Dr. Maxx Family, co-produced by T.O.E.C. The executive producer was Sir Martin. It was recorded at Stocksund in October 1993. This song didn’t manage to reach as high, but its a pumping track from Pandora still.

Tell The World gave Pandora yet another Gold Disc

In 1996, this eurodance band managed to get yet another gold disc with their follow-up album named as Tell The World. In Scandinavia sales of the album again exceeded the 100,000 mark, which was stunning number. In addition, Japanese audiences turned out to be very enthusiastic about Pandora. Tell The World sold over 500.000 copies in the land of the rising sun even, which is pretty cool considering this being a Eurodance group.

Pandora will always remain in our hearts. Keep listening to Eurodance!

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