Nomad with Devotion is pure Nostalgia House tones just for You04:08

Published on 15/08/2017
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We just Love this Tune. We were young when this was out. We were not older to enjoy this tune in the whole euphoric experience at raves. We are all curious if in those days smartphones and social media was available would it have added to the amazing times? Maybe prevented them? Or Made the experience much worse. Because from what we can see now in 2016 and 2017 people don`t enjoy themselves as much as then and they have all this latest technology in there pockets. To me 80s 90s were best times of our lifes. We were all young but all these beats seemed to be good. Decent prime minister money around good english football team. Nice cars. Lovely music.

Nomat with Devotion is for sure a pure Nostalgie House trip! Muuuzic brings this out to You!..

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