Germany is one of the main reasons why Eurodance became so popular. They produced so many Eurodance artists during the 90s and the country still sends that vibe on the stages still when millions of people watch events such as the Eurovision Song Contest. Nina which is Nina Gerhard was active from 1992 until 1996. But she ain’t forgotten by me!

The Musical team behind Nina is Giora Schein, Attack II and Nosie Katzmann. They did fantastic tunes for Nina! Eurodance is known for remarkable beats and she made them amazing together with the singing using her voice.

Nina Eurodance Queen

Let’s introduce Nina To You!

Nina’s real name is Nina Gerhard. She was born on the 10th of December 1974 in Darmstadt, Germany. She has been singing from a very young age and that can be heard in every song she has been singing in. Her voice is amazing!… Nina attended a musical school at the age of 17 in Frankfurt-am-Mainm Germany.

She experienced classical and opera singing at the musical school where she improved her voice a lot for a better career. At the musical school, Nina met those that would change her future forever.

More and More by Captain Hollywood Monsterhit Nina Voice

At the musical school Nina met the Eurodance producer Nosie Katzmann. Because of that meeting, she became the female voice of Captain Hollywood Project‘s worldwide hit single More And More in 1993.

Nina was the amazing voice used for the Captain Hollywood Project monster hit More and More. This tune was a famous ‘90s Eurodance music project, but she was sort of left behind in this masterpiece of a song as she wasn’t fronted at all.

The project itself achieved over 20 million in worldwide record sales which changed should have changed Nina’s career forever. More and More were on 10 Top-20 hits on European music charts. It was a humongous popular hit that formed Eurodance 1992 to focus more on rap which I really love, but she wasn’t shown to the public. Only her voice. Nina and the rapper and dancer Tony Dawson-Harrison (aka Captain Hollywood) made the world dance in 1992!

The More and More hit was sung by Nina, but she did not meet Captain Hollywood. Which is interesting, because Nina is so hot? Eurodance did this a lot with some artists getting lots of negativity doing this later on once the media starting to mention about it.

Nina in Intermission Honesty masterpiece

Then Nina also supplied her voice to Intermission‘s single Honesty. This song was produced by Helmut Apel, Nosie Katzmann, Attack II, Giora Schein and Thomas Hübler with vocals sung by Nina.

Honesty is a masterpiece. Very Eurodance House type of song. Overall, this is a very solid track where her part is vital. It’s got great synth melodies and lovely vocals added into the mix of great synth beats. The choir and other synth elements also certainly help things along. A very good track is all-around in my view that deserves to be more known.

Nina as an artist is born with The Reason Is You

In 1994, Nina went solo with the release of her first single The Reason Is You under the guidance of Mr. Katzmann. By every month, the genre was evolving and so Nina did her part to lift Eurodance to new heights with this song.

Nina showed that with The Reason Is You, she can stand on her own. Her voice is amazing! Her voice leads to that many Eurodance songs could be made without rap with success. The Reason Is You is all song by herself only. The Spanish inspired synths also helps its quality. Both her voice and good looking vibe in the video is striking.

With The Reason Is You released, Nina moved Eurodance and the style to new heights. I love Nina forever for that! What a lady that I admire. Woman with bone in her nose as we say in Norway.

Verdict: 10 out of 10

Until All Your Dreams Come True pushes Nina to new Heights

For the summer 1995, Nina released Until All Your Dreams Come True on 10th of July 1995.

Its a great song with her voice been used correctly, but where the synth and beat is in my view not so strong. Nina’s voice saves this song a lot, because the tune itself is way too playful. Her voice is a mature-strong voice. Maybe you like it better? It’s part of Nina’s story and needs to be shared.

This song was her second single and it was also a very powerful Eurodance track.

Verdict: 10 out of 10

Nina I Dare ! Album from 1995 Showcase

Shortly after the second single, Nina’s debut album Dare ! was released on the 31st of July 1995. Many famous Eurodance names like Kim Sanders, Peter Gräber (of Culture Beat – Pay No Mind), Doug Laurent (remixes for Culture Beat – Take Me Away and La Bouche – I Love To Love), and DMP (Intermission) were involved with the album.

This album contains 14 songs. Here is my feeling about each of the songs not becoming mainstream. 12 of the songs is made for the album while 2 are remixes that I haven’t mentioned here as they are remixes. In this Nina I Dare ! album showcase I go through the songs that never got a music video released for them that are worth listening to and also comment if they meet the Eurodance criteria!

#1 – Rhythm Of Love

Great tune. Her voice is great in this song, but no musicvideo was made for it? I haven’t been able to find it. Its not the best tune on the album! but it fits well.

Verdict: 5 out of 10

#2 – I Dare

Here Nina demonstrates how sexy deep her voice can go and at the same time be normal the same time. Love this tune as it is fresh with lots of flow in it. I often pump up the volume during her singing in this song as her voice is sooo rich and sexy. I dare to say that this tune is one of the most mature female Eurodance singing tunes ever made.

Verdict: 10 out of 10

#3 – Didn’t Really Mean It

This is a slow Eurodance song. Its almost a pop tune, but because of the synths used in the background it follows the basics of Eurodance feel. Its almost as it wants to be a pop tune, but the synths evolves it above that. This is a song that fits the album style very well. Didn’t Really Mean It is a song that takes Nina’s voice and makes it clear for every listener how amazing it is. Every breath is angel vibe in every tone.

Verdict: 7 out of 10

#4 – Sell Me Your Secrets

The sexy voice of Nina Gerhard shows in Sell Me Your Secrets. Together with great beats, she nails it. Nina Gerhard is a Eurodance Queen because of this song!!! You can really hear how confident she is using her voice for singing in this tune. Not only that but her beauty strikes as an artist promoting the Eurodance genre.

This is a true uplifting tune by Nina that I will always love.

Verdict: 10 out of 10

#5 – Here You Come

Mature version of Robyn from Sweden? This is what I get from this song. However, Nina was years ahead of Robyn. Here she nails that statement pretty well I think. But this is a true Eurodance song. It is a tiny bit too happy for my taste but I can listen to it many times still.

Nina’s voice is so good. It makes my body want to dance forever.

Verdict: 7 out of 10

#6 – Love You Up

This genre is all about feeling good. Love You Up keeps that going but its way too slow for my taste. Here a Eurodance queen tries to make a pop song out of a Eurodance tune. Its sure good for Sunday nights but Nina’s voice is for me Eurodance queen voice and not this.

Nina’s voice is angel alike in this tune but its too slow. Doesn’t fit a album where the pace should be strong.

Verdict: 4 out of 10

#7 – Mind Over Matter

Great tune that is very good but with a identity crisis. It is still a powerful Eurodance song by a queen knows how to sing. But its a bit falling apart while parts are top notch. I dont really where to put this song. I love it but still I question some moments. What happened? Maybe you disagree? Is this song trying to be a Eurodance, a HighNRG or a pop tune?

Mind of Matter is good, and I love it sort of. But its not the best tune by Nina.

Verdict: 7 out of 10

#8 – Save My Life

This song shows how amazing Nina’s voice is. If this song doesn’t show you that, then nothing will. But why putting this song on a album focusing on Eurodance? Nina’s voice is magic but the identity of her as an artist crumbled because of addition of this tune.

Great song, but this has nothing to do in a Eurodance album where most bought it for gettting lifted up. This song has nothing to with Eurodance feel and vibe at all. I feel sad for Nina here, because this angel deserved so much better. You don’t blend in other genres in an album aimed at Eurodance listeners. That’s a no go.

Verdict: 2 out of 10

#9 – In Her Shoes

Nina’s voice is the only thing making me listening to this song. But as with the previous song from this album. This has nothing to do in an Eurodance album. Its like if Whitney Houston or Phil Collins would add Eurodance on their albums? This is a no go. Nooo!

I am basing my score on the song and not on Nina as an artist or singer here. This song should never b added to this album. never!

Verdict: 1 out of 10

#10 – Keep Me In Mind

Nothing more to say. All of the slow tunes made this Album bad. Nina is a Eurodance queen. All of the slow tunes by her should have been released on another Album.

The only reason why this song got a better score than the previous one is that the synths here is a bit better.

Verdict: 2 out of 10

Nina Losing Her Identity

In early ’96, Nina’s third single In Her Shoes took a different turn than the previous two. It was released as a pure ballad, containing no dance mixes which he proved to be so good at doing. Did she want to try new genres or was it the people behind her that tried to make her do singing that she didn’t do well at?

In Her Shoes, together with all of the slow tunes in the Dare ! album confused people. But her dance tunes made me love her forever. Because that’s where her heart pulled the most at. So, she had to return to dance. Her voice is made for Eurodance!

Can’t Stop This Feeling by Nina in 1996

Nina’s voice is made for Eurodance genre totally and so with her fourth single Can’t Stop This Feeling she was finally back sort of. However, that song is not what the fans in Europe expected to hear from her. But this song stayed 3 weeks at the 1st place in Italy! It is a good song but not an uplifting vibe tune.

Nosie Katzmann was no longer involved in Nina’s project as his name was not credited from this release on. The change turned a Eurodance queen to something else. Like in this next tune where she tries to become a pop queen

After about a year’s absence, Nina returned with her fifth single release, Wanna Feel So Good. The beginning of the tune got beats that are used by Dr. Alban too but it turns out to be just a pop tune. No dance feel to it. Just a generic tune??? Nina… what did you do.

Again Nina was out with new producers such as David Brandes, John O’Flynn, and Domenico Labarille from E-Rotic. But the single was not very successful. However, she was tied with her records company because there were still 3 years of contract remaining.

Nina also worked as backing vocalist for the artist Simon Collins. She also appeared on Vega tracks and did a duet with F. Salzar under the name of Heroes.

Nina years until Now

  • 1998: Samantha Fox released a song covering the choruses of The Reason Is You.
  • 2002: Nina settled down in Darmstadt. She had been very busy these past years, caring about her little daughter Anouk. She gave her voice to a TV commercial for L’Oreal, a radio commercial for Nescafé, and a cinema commercial for Afri Cola. She also told she would like to work in the domain of cartoon-film synchronizations, radio plays, or documentaries texts recording (domain in which his boyfriend Yvo Fuchs already works). In June she had great success in the USA, playing live in a well-known salsa club in Los Angeles. She did a duet with Markus Nikolai
  • 2003: Nina was back! She planned to release a new single that she co-wrote, called Tomorrow’s Yesterday, under a new project name. The style would be trance, and a new album was already planned. The new single was written and produced by Doug Laurent and remixed by Andy Sikorski. But finally, Nina did not like any of the versions of the song… The song was finally remixed by Chris Hülsbeck and appeared on his 2009 album Number Nine.
  • 2005: in March, Nina, along with Franca Morgano and other artists, recorded a charity single entitled Hope as United Allstars. The benefits will go to a village in Sri Lanka, hit hard by the tsunami three months ago.
  • 2008: Nina is currently a member of the Zamsoo project (formerly known as Mondbrand), together with Joerg Dudys. They recorded ballads such as Sweet Devils. She recorded a CD entitled Muse featuring various covers of famous blues and jazz songs of Hildegard Knef, Marlene Dietrich, and Marianne Faithfull, among others.
  • 2016: Nina Gerhard and Daniel Rohr created project1012. Source:

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