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Published on 25/01/2018
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Eurodance Party genre will always be uplifting. Nina is doing so with this song called Until all Your Dreams Come True. She also was part of Captain Hollywood Project at the age of 18 even. This is for sure a great woman with a great voice that made the 90’s dance floors special for sure. Many thinks that this is the best song in the world that loves Eurodance Party songs. It is for sure a great eurodance track!

One of the greatest Eurodance Party productions by Nosie Katzmann

This is a track that should have deserved a lot more recognition way back in the 90’s when this song was released. It is a true eurodance hit, but it is a bit rare since Captain Hollywood Project did get the most hype. It is for sure a great and uplifting song. Her voice is beautiful.

Nice lyrics in Until all Your Dreams Come True

I know well what it means
To be living on my own
And I don’t need someone like you
Who can’t find his way alone

I will help you
That’s for sure
Cause I know what I will get some day
If we should wake up one day together
You’ll be glad that I did say today

Nina is a very beautiful girl and a great singer too. We see that she is a beautiful girl again today. This song is for sure timeless as the beats, voice and synth is well made together. You just have to listen to the song over and over. It gets better and better for each time.

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Great song that makes every Summer Come True

Lovely and sexy girl in this hot and serious Eurodance song. Only female voice in this one, but it’s pure xtravaganza for the ears. This song is for sure one of the best Eurodance tracks ever made.



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Nina with Until all Your Dreams Come True, Awesome Eurodance Party track
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