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Published on 13/12/2018
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In 1994, Netzwerk decided to release this song titled Passion. Its full of passion and awesome singing. This is what we can call a pure Eurodance song. It got all of the necessary elements like awesome synth, great vocals and its a correct uplifting experience too.

Italian Eurodance at its best from Netzwerk

The first single that was released by this Italian Eurodance project was Send Me An Angel (a cover of a song initially released by Real Life). It was a humongous hit that is almost forgotten today.

This group used used the voice of Sandra Chambers and was also covered by many projects such as Mythos & DJ Cosmo and Caya. The following single Breakdown also featured Sandy (it was the first single of Netzwerk to be released in Brazil).

It was less evident to know who was behind the vocals of Memories (very successful in Israel where it reached # 3) and Passion (# 26 in Israel). For some, they were done by Marco Galeotti, who also sung for the project Sunbrother (Tell Me What). But according to DWA records Sunbrother’s current singer was named Patrix. Actually, on the sleeve of Memories one can read the name of Simone Jackson, aka Simone Jay, and it is more likely that she did the vocals on both records. Memories was covered by another Italian project named Fontana.

Another single was entitled Dream, released under Volumex records, a different label but still the same producing team..

This group deserved way more attention than they got. Their eurodance beats is how it should be. To see this song Passion only crawl up to 26th place on the dance charts in Israel witnesses that not all of the eurodance groups got equal enough attention.

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Their Send Me An Angel version was pretty awesome made. Passion is more energicly made. Especially the beginning of the song. But both are fantastic. We love Netzwerk!


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