Things happened in 2019. We thought that we found the perfect hosting company to make Muuuzic a huge Eurodance site. But in November we got 2 days to take the backup of over 15 sites. With limited time, we had to focus on our main site. Then we rescued Amitopia Amiga Magazine and some subdomains to Distrita.

But I never gave up on getting Muuuzic back. Because my passion for Eurodance is huge. It is so big that I couldn’t let Muuuzic fall. I have a backup from before of the site but I decided to move onto a new theme because the previous theme wasn’t good at all. The theme wasn’t easy to fix as I found bugs more and more bugs in it. But that’s history now.


I hope that you like the New Muuuzic Eurodance site. I will try to fix all of the dead links that leads to nowhere from various search engines. In the meantime. I hope that you find our extravaganza Eurodance site pleasing your rhythm needs. Bit by bit, this site will again be your Eurodance site number ONE! So, hope you like my Dance 2 Trance, Power Of American Natives 1998 remix. It’s a song to hint about where this site is going. Because this spring will be hot. We will melt, help you with uplifting beats and spread Love and Passion to every corner of the globe.

Muuuzic Eurodance is a small but important site and I hope that you will stay.

Much Love, Michal!