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Published on 18/06/2018
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From 1991 to 2008, Mr. President was a huge Eurodance group coming from the almighty Eurodance country in Europe, Germany. They had a massive hit that almost everyone in the world knows about. Coco Jamboo got released back in 1996 and turned dancefloors and hit charts upside down. It was a crossover world hit. But Take Me To The Limit song didn’t reach the same fame status. But it kicked Eurodance floors too. In Germany, Take Me To The Limit climbed up to 11th place even. Not bad!

Quality Eurodance by Mr. President released in 1997

The Eurodance era in Europe is said to be between 1992 and 1995. So it is interesting giving you examples of Eurodance songs that also did it well after the 1995 era too. Take Me To The Limit song by Mr. President was released in 1997 and landed even into their Nightclub album. With lots of focus on sex, intimate scenes, and body-related topics. Mr. President won people’s hearts. This album continued the band’s popularity in Europe and in Austria Nightclub with this song included reached even 3rd place. After Nightclub came out, the leader singer Lady Daniii moved over to other Eurodance projects like Reset. After a few months though, she returned back to Mr. President.

In 2000, they released Compilations album and then Forever and One Day album in 2001. Many dramas in Mr. President led to a mixture of quality songs created by the group. Some of the songs like Coco Jamboo, Up’n Away – The Album (1995) and this one Take Me To The Limit had lots of great vibes and you felt quality production in them. But then you bought some of their other singles or albums where you just had to leave them inside the CD rack or basement with stuff in it.

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Totally Mr. President managed to create lots of music. 7 Studio Albums, 3 Compilation albums, 15 Music videos, and 19 Singles in total. Then we can conclude that Mr. President was one of the most productive Eurodance groups in the later ages.

With so many changes in this band. It’s amazing to see that the name Mr. President managed to keep up for such a long time. Maybe it was a good choice to end it all and let people listen to those Eurodance tracks that really made Mr. President and the Eurodance genre itself huge. Thanks for that. We share the best songs with you.

Source: muuuzic own experience, Presidentboy on YouTube

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