Mr President with Coco Jamboo in Christmas Version from 199603:42

Published on 22/12/2017
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It is soon Christmas for everyone. In that context we at Distrita and Muuuzic wants to send a special Christmas greetings to everyone. This is for sure a nice Christmas version of the humongous hit Coco Jamboo that Mr President made back in the 1990s.

Coco Jambo in Christmas Edition is Awesome

This is a nice track by Mr President. Yes, it is based on Coco Jambo, but the Christmas bells in this songs sets you into the right mood for sure. There are some few countries that experience Christmas time when its +30C like people in Australia. Coco Jambo was one of the biggest hits that Mr President made back in the days and to actually experience their Christmas version of the song is pretty cool.

Mr President is always known for Coco Jambo, but not for this rare Christmas edition of the song. It is awesome that we are capable of giving you it. Its a pumpin dance track that makes every European think of sunshine in Christmas time.. and that’s not a bad thing.

So! With this note. We at Muuuzic wishes you a Happy Christmas and do keep on being nice to Everyone around you! The world needs nice people everywhere. Not just in Christmas time but on all times. Eurodance brought people onto the nice dancefloors around the world. It brought people together like no other.

May the Christmas force Be with You! Much love from Muuuzic!



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Mr President with Coco Jamboo in Christmas Version
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