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Published on 12/01/2018
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Some might feel that this song is a bit too similar to Think about the way by another Eurodance group. However, what Mr. John is doing to the tunes is magical as this song sounds quite different still. This song by Mr. John is also quite uplifting feel to it. It is rare as it was released as late as 1997. But we at Muuuzic preserve it for you. It is made by Daniel Peyer and released in the Netherlands. Unknown selling info and there is no music video made also. The song is for sure underrated but for Eurodance lovers it’s a fantastic song. A good Vibration listening to this song for sure!

Fantastic Female Vocal voice in this masterpiece Eurodance dance song from Mr. John

The girl is named Susi, and she made the vocals on D.I.P. – “Give Me Your Lovin'” as well. And this song is just perfect! It’s hard finding this info on rare Eurodance tracks for sure. However, those fantastic people at Eurokdj have this written about this Eurodance artist:

Mr. John’s aim was to be a project in the Ice MC style: a ragga-rapper and a female vocalist singing the chorus, in a more Masterboy-like musical style. The real name of this mysterious artist is John Edokoplor. He was born on the 2nd of May 1969 in Benin City (Nigeria). His grandfather was an authentic prince of Nigeria, therefore John should be too. But his father refused the kingdom and preferred becoming an industrial businessman in New York. John lived until 1992 in New York with his parents. He came to Switzerland in 1992 and lived in Basel till 1996. Then he went back to New York where he currently works as an insurance broker and an auto salesman.

Together with a female vocalist, he released his first single: U Gotta Move Me which became instantly an amazing and powerful euro hit. The second single was Get It On released in 1996. It also did very well in the German charts and dance charts all over Europe. It used the voice of Susi, a studio vocalist who also worked for the project DIP. Still, in 1996 he brought us his 3rd single: It’s Not Too Late, still with Susi, another great euro hit.

Due to John’s departure back to New York, this was the official end of the project. It’s Not Too Late is the last single to be released by the real Mr. John. However, there were some other singles released by other producers, illegally since Daniel Peyer owned the rights of the use of Mr. John’s name. A trial is not over yet…

The single Take Me Away did not disappoint euro fans, even in this sad year when Euro faded away from charts and success. It included 6 versions: a Radio Fa-Zi mix, a Crazy Z & DJ GoldenNose Club mix, an Extended Summer mix, an Influence Sun-fun edit, an After-show party mix, and a No-voice Fa-Zi edit. It was composed, arranged and produced by Carsten Zintel (aka Crazy G) and Giuseppe Fascina (aka DJ GoldenNoise). The choruses were sung by Danni K. Then at the beginning of 1998 came Time Is Ticking Away. This single is one of the hardest to get Eurodance hits because it was released mostly in East Europe, Japan and North Canada.

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