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Published on 10/10/2017
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Eurodance is rythms from 1990s that made us all happy. Muuuzic is doing whatever we can to provide you the best coverage of Eurodance now in 2017 and beyond. Motiv 8 is such a eurodance group that needs attention. They produced high-quality Eurodance songs for sure, but their song Rockin For Myself is the most known and here you can free your mind a bit with their musicvideo.

Motiv 8 also made a nice Break the Chain tune also

Motiv 8 Break the Chain Motiv8. In 1995, this single title was charting at #31 in the UK in October 1995, and #43 in Australia in February 1996. This is the offical musicvideo from YouTube

Motiv 8 made Europe dance! That was the mission of Eurodance and they did it well for sure. We miss those times!

The world needs to get those feets moving again. Eurodance did this very well back in the days. This music genre is happy and the beats are meant to be danced too. But not only! Many people loved to just put their beloved hifi system at high volume and just dream away with the music. Motiv 8 as with many other Eurodance groups ended their careers when eurodance music got less and less popular. However, Muuuzic is preserving that as good as we can. Eurodance united Europe and the world in a positive way and that’s something which is missing now.


From the late 1980s until now, Eurodance had its highest popularity between 1992 and 1996. What made it less popular can be Aqua’s introduction of their Barbie Girl song which somewhat misused the Eurodance genre. After Barbie Girl release, many new eurodance groups appeared tried to replicate what Aqua did. One of the more known songs is the Tamagotchi song.

MORE EURODANCE   2 Brothers on the 4th Floor with Come Take My Hand changed Happy Eurodance


After 2003, eurodance once again started to get some popularity and from 2010 when the Back To The 90s concerts swiped all over the world, the genre got a rewamp. Eurodance is for sure a genre that is either loved or disliked. Some just love this kind of music, while others not. But it is important to preserve this genre, because Eurodance is a happy type of music that shouldn’t be forgotten. We don’t want to let it go at all and all of you who dislike eurodance. Please respect those which loves this type of music. Its electronical music that is just extravaganza great to have.

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