If there is a song that can take you back. Then it is this underrated masterpiece from Mephisto. It comes from France, it got Eurodance and Trance elements. It’s an uplifting spirit.

If you loved Robert Miles as the entire Muuuzic and Distrita team did. Mephisto came with this so underrated tune in 1997. Mystery Of Love is a mysterious tune as it is so uplifting and the beats are perfect. A perfect Eurodance Trance tune.

I wanted to bring this tune to you because it got all of the Eurodance Trance elements that were really starting to become big in 1997. This is a gem that no one should forget. No one!

Facts You Need Know

Mephisto was as big as Robert Miles

Robert Miles was the remarkable Eurodance Trance person that brought Children to everyone. It was an eyeopener for many artists when that song was released two years before this one hit the market.

Mephisto had 2 years on him and he used those years very well. Because this tune is out of this world good. It is such an uplifting experience which everyone should experience. It really healed my mind every time I listened to it.

Club Mix of Mephisto with Mystery of Love

I still have the single on CD. It was one of the very first CDs that I bought with bonus material on it. For the first time, I could watch music video clips both on my Amiga 1200 and on Amiga 4000 in 1997. The file format was made in the very first QuickTime format. A nice QT player was made for Amiga’s that I found on Aminet without any issues.

Including the music video of Mystery Of Love. The CD also contained samples from other songs that Mephisto made. A great Single CD with lots of value in it.

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