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Published on 12/02/2018
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If there is one artist out there that should be much more loved,.. then it is Mephisto. He is a DJ still, but it was back in the 90s that he really managed to become popular with his Eurodance Trance mixed songs. This song is titled Voices. It’s even rarer than Mystery Of Love song by the very same DJ. It managed to reach the chart lists and managed to crawl quite high before this hit totally disappeared for most people. But Muuuzic is bringing this DJ back for everyone to listen and even support if you like his kind of music.

Robert Miles vibes with even more Love from Mephisto

Mephisto is one of the artists that followed the humongous hit Children by Robert Miles. With Voices and Mystery Of Love, Mephisto managed to show the world that there is way more room for extra tones to this trance piano type of genre. ATB was also a huge fan of the piano tones, but this artist went a quite different way too instead of just copy Robert Miles’s piano tones. The song that I refer to is ATB’s song which is titled 9 pm till I come song.

Mephisto with Voices and his more known song Mystery Of Love is a fantastic piano trance dance song for sure. Mephisto is deeply missed on the radio worldwide. This type of trance piano dance genre seems to have been washed away by media worldwide. But we at Muuuzic keeps it alive because it deserves the attention. This is what I call piano trance. We at Muuuzic will never give up finding you icons from the past that managed to create iconic songs like this. They deserve to be listened to by people around the globe we think.

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On Discogs website, you can find all of Mephistos releases. Support this amazing Italian DJ today


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