You can watch Maduar here on on Muuuzic! This is the next level. It really seems like both of them moved on from there here. Barbara is as beautiful and her voice stayed at the same level. Her voice is so soft, sexy and at the same time down to earth. I love listening to her voice over and over. I simply Can’t Stop listening to her.

The collaboration between the composer and rapper Erik Aresta and the female vocalist Barbara Hascakova begun as they met in Erik’s previous group Maduar (which most famous hits were Do ItI Feel Good and Anjel). Their good music and Barbara’s beautiful voice immediately attracted attention of the audience.It was promising perspective that had opened to Maduar. However Erik and Barbara decided to leave Maduar and on 4th March 1995 they officially established a new formation : MC Erik & Barbara. Maduar, although without Erik& Barbara, kept its original name consisting of the first letters ofthe group’s members (Matyinko, Dulovic, Aresta).

The voice of Barbara Hascakova should be printed into every Eurodance history books and notes. Her voice is so perfect it hurts seeing her voice vanish out of the blue? Barbara Hascakova was born on the 11th of December 1979 in Košice in Slovakia, Europe which is located not so far from the Hungarian border.

Very soon Barbara was attracted by music and had a huge gift for it. Her voice is just an angel like I think! Barbara started learning the piano and singing from early on. This is how Barbara describes her relation to music:

It comes from somewhere from inside me. I express my joy and sorrow by music, by my own compositions, by singing and dancing and playing the piano. I can not imagine my life without music. Each kind of music evokes some response. It either gives me an energy or brings me down. The music can make me happy too. When I was four years old I couldn’t understand why people spoke to express themselves. It’s a strange thing, but I prefer selfexpressing by singing. I couldn’t find anything nice in the spoken language, it’s without melody. That’s why I everything set to music. I can not live without music

When she reached her age at 12, Barbara took part in the ‘Mini-Playback-Show’ competition according to eurokdj website. Here she imitated her pop-idols Michael Jackson, Madonna and 4 Non-Blondes. Later she also performed at the ‘Talent show’. At that time, people started to talk about this remarkable singer with her incredibly crystal voice that you clearly hear in this tune. She began to sing at the Kosice Jazz Club songs by Jackson, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and especially Queen.

The breakthrough however came in her career (and private life too) started up back in February 1994 when she was asked to sing high vocals for the song Par Bielych Ruzi by the group Maduar, where Erik was already a member. They liked her voice so much and therefore Barbara was featured on other songs of the group.

Inspite the great success of the album I Feel Good as Maduar, Erik and Barbara decided to leave and establish a new formation together which lead to the named it MC Erik & Barbara . Here Barbara got much more place for her and she could take part in making of the whole new album U Can’t Stop as her voice appeared in each song of the album. 

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