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Published on 12/12/2018
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Germany is one of the countries where Eurodance is growing and still is Huge! Maxx was yet another Eurodance group that delivered fantastic party music. They were amazing! Maxx was formed in Berlin, Germany in 1993 by music executive David Brunner (aka The Hitman) and music producer Jürgen Wind (aka George Torpey).

During Maxx’s initial two-year run (1993-1995), this Eurodance group itself went though noticeable changes with its female lead singers. By mid-1994, the group had become famous throughout Europe for their creative mixture of ragga style rap, female singing, and distinctive dance floor beats. Get A Way was the main reason for its popularity. This song created the aura that Maxx needed to get popular! A fantastic Eurodance song!

Maxx gave us Get A Way but You Can Get It is Awesome

This amazingly pumped Eurodance song managed to crawl itself to 3rd place in 1993 in several countries. In Austria, the Netherlands on Sweden it reached 3rd place. In the United Kingdom, it reached 4th, Finland 5th etc. This was a massive hit. The song also got Gold Certification in Germany and Silver in the United Kingdom!

The song itself is very simple, but the synth and beats made people dance in 1993 for sure. Maxx will always be remembered because of this song! Great tunes from the past for sure.

Reboot of Maxx happened in 2017

Back in August 2016, the original Maxx vocalist Elyse (formerly known as Linda Meek) met with Jürgen Wind and David Brunner for the first time since the breakup of the Eurodance group in the mid-90s. The three discussed the idea of rebooting Maxx and starting up a new live tour with an all-new rapper.

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After months of searching, UK rapper ‘Elijah MC’ were recruited. Maxx made its official comeback performance at the Eurodance extravaganza hit tour called “We Love The 90’s” festival in Tallinn, Estonia on August 24th, 2017.

We at Muuuzic really hope for more music from Maxx. This group was for sure unique back in the days and to see them back after so many years means that their spirit is still strongly alive. Fantastic!

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